Competitive Analysis

InfiNet has assisted hundreds of companies gain competitive market advantages through the unique application of IT solutions.  The recent development of the Outsourced Technology Center offers an even greater level of security, accessibility and stability to the small and mid-sized enterprise. 


A intermediate financial institution requiring support for 150 users in a highly distributed environment, with the ability to have “anytime, anywhere” access to mission critical documents.

Self Operation versus Outsourced Relations:

The TDN approach to this clients need would have involved a first year expense in excess of $768,000 to support their initial requirements.InfiNet presented this client with a fully managed solution, specifically architected to their requirements.  The client enjoyed a higher level of security, availability and stability and was able to operate the end-to-end system for the first year for less than $600,000, a direct savings of over $168,000 the first year alone.


This was complemented with the elimination of end user upgrades planned over a three-year period, amounting to an additional $205,000 in capital savings.   Over the three-year projection, the client determined that outsourcing through InfiNet saved them in excess of $709,000. 

This savings was further complimented when they studied the actual productivity of their associates.  The ability to focus on their core business and have better total availability of systems allowed them to gain a 4% improvement in productivity, a gain of approximately $600,000 annually.

This subscriber not only saved in excess of $709,000 over the three years, they actually gained an additional $1,800,000 in increased productivity over the same period by remaining focused on their true business! 

InfiNet operates a core business of technology development and data center operations.

All OTC customers obtain a financial gain through outsourced service relations.

Leveraging the OTC model allows InfiNet subscribers a unique value proposition; the ability to both save and make money.

Many subscribers have attained financial breakeven on the first day of outsourced operations.

All InfiNet OTC Subscribers have stated they have better overall system availability than during self-operation.

The InfiNet OTC allows small and mid-sized enterprises to remove technology refresh from their capital budgets.

Industry studies show that your data is more secure with a third party than having internal associates maintain open access.